The  mind is a time traveller. It jumps into the past, travels into the future, it can pull you out of the present and away from where you’re meant to be and what you want to achieve. The mind may not always have your best interest at heart.

Our innovative form of psychological training teaches you how to become the navigator of your mind, so you and your mind are working together. We train you to have a choice in how you react, what you think, how you feel and what actions you can take. You will have a sharper, focused, responsive way of thinking, helping you to work more effectively, so you and your organisation can thrive.

Programme outcomes can include the improvement of performance, increase in innovation including idea generation, job satisfaction, and reduce anxiety. [Don’t take our word for it, click here to see data driven results.]

Our programmes are interactive, stimulating, thought provoking and often revelatory. We use a mixture of presentation, group and pair discussion and skill practice. The techniques can be playful, and at times left-field, which ensures that the exercises will stay with you.

We specialise in psychological and behavioural training based on a synthesis of neuropsychology, cognitive behavioural and mindfulness. Our programmes are more than feeling better, we focus on practical outcomes that will help you move forward and your organisation thrive.

As we’re big fans of science (one of us would like to wear a white coat and safety goggles even if we are in an office) our methods are underpinned by scientific research.

We offer group sessions or one on one bespoke training. Our group workshops can also be great bonding opportunities.

We’re committed to making a positive impact in your career and your life.

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