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Group session: Two, two hour sessions held a week apart + booster session. As our mind training programmes are skill based, the sessions are spread apart to give participants a chance to practice the psychological skills they’ve learnt in the sessions. The booster session* is held approximately four weeks after the second session.

Sessions for individuals can be spread over several meetings, depending on need. Each session lasts approximately one hour.  After giving clients a chance to put the techniques into practice, we deliver the final session or booster session* approximately four weeks later.

*The booster session allows us to evaluate progress, and provides clients with an opportunity to discuss the previous months experiences with us, as well as revisit techniques.


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All mind training programmes are pretty quick, give rapid results and have been formulated for a sustained change, so it’s not a one hit wonder; the psychological skills which clients learn can be applied to any other challenges that may pop up, whether at work or at home. That’s why our sessions are competitively priced and super cost effective.

If your company is a non-profit organisation which is registered with the UK Charity Commission, we have special charity rates for both group and individual sessions.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss pricing.



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Any questions about our training or if there’s something you think we can help you with that isn’t covered by our programmes get in touch; we’re always happy to help.


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